Sucker Bets - What Not To Bet On

For most, betting on sports is a means of recreation for gamblers. It's a way to gain a vested financial interest in following a favorite team, and math and advantage wagering takes the fun out of it for many players. Talking about sucker bets, however, is not to ruin anyone's fun, but just to show recreation players how they can win more money by slightly changing their wagering habits.

The absolute best thing that a recreational gambler can do is to always bet with a bonus. For example, some sites give away things like a 50% up to a $250 bonus for people opening an account using a promo code. Other sites offer other bonuses, and by taking advantage of these, you're greatly offsetting the bookmaker's advantage.

So, what is a sucker bet? It is just as the name suggests: a wager that only a sucker would place. In many cases, this involves placing a stake at worse odds than you could have gotten had you made the stake in some other way. For instance, if you are doing parlay wagers, imagine that you are playing blackjack with one single $100 chip. You throw it in, and win, and now you have $200. You go all in again, win, and have $400. You repeat this process successfully six times, and have $6,400, or a profit of $6,300. The odds of winning six 50% chances in a row are 63 to 1. If you did the same thing against a bookmaker with -110 house advantage, your chances of winning six consecutive games is 47.4 to 1. Many sites don't offer true odds, giving the house a huge advantage. They can get away with this because recreational players don't know any better, and parlays feel fun and easy. Don't make that mistake - play at casinos that offer true odds.

The best way to avoid sucker bets is to learn football wagering strategy. Read articles on different systems that break sports wagering down into very easy-to-understand concepts, thereby increasing your overall chances of beating the bookmaker. Keep in mind that the best thing a recreational gambler can do to negate the house edge is to take advantage of bonus offers.