NASCAR Betting Tips Understood

With all the sports betting opportunities available, betting on NASCAR is taking a back seat. In fact, Las Vegas offers this primarily to please certain customers, rather than to make money. This is good news for the betting aficionado, though, as it could mean a potential cash cow with a good understanding of the game and these NASCAR betting tips.

To start off, there are three kinds of NASCAR bets that may be made: Race winner, match up, and top five. Betting on the race winner is the most common, and follows other conventional sports bets where each driver is assigned odds for winning. Remember though that in this sport, a driver actually refers to a team. A match-up bet is when a bookmaker lines up one driver against another, and you choose whichever one you think will place better in the race. Finally, a top five bet means picking a driver to place in the top five. The team does not have to win as placing within the top five is enough for your own win.

Betting on NASCAR is a joy for those who appreciate the science of gambling as all required information in the handicapping is readily available. Factors to consider include performance for this year, the showing in practice sessions, past performance on the current track, and performance on similar tracks.

The performance for this year takes into account the pattern or trend of the team's finish the in the past few weeks. Bettors may use their own statistics but a common tracking tool is to look at the finish results in the recent races.

The results in practice sessions give an idea of the current overall condition of the team. Practice does make perfect in this sport so regular testing sessions generally bode well for the actual performance on race day.

Past performance on the current track will evidently show how the drivers handle the track challenges, so this is worthy of being monitored.

Finally, performance in similar tracks is a good indicator of their expected performance. Some drivers are known to be more adept in certain tracks. Given that there are four kinds of tracks ñ Short tracks, Road Races, Super Speedways and Intermediate Tracks ñ knowing who does well in what will lead to your own victorious bets.