Finding Weak Poker Players

If you like to play poker and want to maximize your winnings, it is time you pay attention to the weak poker players in your table. Playing with your usual tight aggressive strategy in poker will often lead you to win but you can make even more money when you adjust your strategy by targeting weak poker players with poor strategy.

These are the two types of weak poker players you need to watch out for - the weak tight player who folds easily, and the donkey caller who often calls a raise with weak hands.

You need to work on isolating this donkey caller. To do this, you need to have a strong starting hand. As an example, whenever the fish has what you call T7s, it is likely that it will call a raise in order for him to see a flop. This is with two cards that are suited. But if you make your starting hand requirement tight, you will usually be above their calling range. That will give you a pretty good chance to get the best hand.

Make sure you pay attention to the rest of the players on the table while trying to isolate the donkey caller. Your intention is to have just donkey player and you in the pot. The isolation plan will work best when there is a limited number of gamers in the hand and you think there is a good chance that a good raise will manage to bump off the other players preflop.

Besides the number of players on the table, it is also important to consider the table position when working on your isolation plan. If you pay close attention to the rest of the players, you will have an idea on who among the players will easily fold out preflop. Then you will have a good sense on the proper time when to isolate raises preflop. For instance, a case when donkey calls, tight players limp, are often good times to attempt to isolate a donkey player. There is a tendency that with early position the tight player will usually fold to what is considered a good raise, while the donkey will most likely call. So it is very likely that raises at this point will isolate the donkey and you in the coveted pot. This is how you can make more money from poker players who are weak and who do lots of calling a raise with weak hands and limping.