Revel in the intensity and enjoy a day at the races

There are numerous things that a newbie at horse racing need to learn. In this article, everything a beginner needs to learn in order to enjoy a day at the races is provided. Everything you need to know about the basic of betting is here, like definitions and descriptions of horseracing bets. To enjoy a day at the races, read this article before heading to the field.

Before you can enjoy horse races like the Kentucky Derby, invest time in reading the essentials of this sport and you might just discover a new hobby.

Unlike other sports, horse racing is a class on its own because it necessitates intensity and rhythm. There would be times that things could be confusing during horse racing. This guide will be useful so you can bet confidently and enjoy a day at the races.

You need a racing form and a program when you enter the race track. If you choose to play at home, there are online forms available for purchase. BRIS and Thoroughbred Sports Network are reliable sites to get online forms. The program, which is usually found on the entrance, details all the important information for the race. After you have settled in your seat, you have to start checking the program and the horses. The paddock gives the best view before a horse race. Choose a horse that appears relaxed but is also alert.


Unlike other betting games, in horseracing, you are competing with the people around you and not against the casino. Sometimes, a group of gamblers combine their bets. This is called pari-mutuel betting. When you are part of the winning pot, a certain amount of it goes to you. The amount depends on how many people are part of the winning pot.

What You Need To Say At The Window

You must inform the clerk which track you are rooting for and the amount you are betting. You also need to tell her if you are betting for the horse to win or lose. Lastly, you need to tell her what number is the horse you are betting on. You can do this any time before a race starts.

There are also Self-Automated Mutuels that accept your bets when the lines at the windows are too long. These machines accept any kind of bet and take winning tickets, $20 bills and cash vouchers as payments.